Remote HW Announcements

Science Fair is canceled. We can do Invention Convention instead as an option but it is not connected to Fremont Unified School District. Students cannot meet in person. We can help with Tech Challenge but only 4th grade can compete.

Schedule 2020-2021

Homework Plan

Aug 2020 Announcements

See Google Classroom

Sept 2020 Announcements

math pages (online)

Cursive videos


Social/Emotional Resources

Oct. Announcements 2020

Invention Convention– get ready for next year

Mid Oct/Nov. Announcements 2020

Answers to 3rd Grade Math Standards

Writing Lessons– optional

PT Conferences

Dec. Announcements

Dec/ Jan 2021 Announcements

Feb Announcements

March Announcements

April/May Announcements

Next Year’s Class

more book report ideas

Optional Daily Planned Schedule for home

Sept Announcements

Optional monthly book report ideas

Week 0- optional

week 1- optional

week 2-practice

week 3

Optional Audio –

Oct Announcements

week 4

week 5

week 6

week 7

Oct/Nov Announcements

week 8

week 9

week 10

Nov. Announcements

mid Nov. Announcements

week 11

week 12

Dec. Announcements

week 13

week 14

week 15


week 16

week 17

Jan. Announcements

week 18

Feb. Announcements

week 19

week 20

week 21

week 22

week 23

March Announcements

week 24

Math Homework starting on page 179

week 25

March/April Announcements

week 26

week 27

School Closure Week 1

School Closure Week 2
School Closure Week 3

Answers to SBAC Math practice test

Answers to SBAC Reading practice test

Record yourself reading vocab words. Play the recording and spell those words on paper. Correct your answers.

FUSD Resources


Week 28 – 38 – See Distance Learning