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yoga mat chair- model- designing creative spaces and transitions

cc licence yoga mat chair

yoga chairInventor of the yoga mat chair

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Creating questions from curiosity?

How might we make the joy of learning a routine?

Creating learning outside the classroom?

Prototyping Inventions that are Connected to Common Core Curriculum

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pics of inventions during Centers and Enrichment


Write informational text on what problem your invention solves.

1 point- Effective writing

1 point- uses variety of sentence types including compound sentences

1 point- underlined vocabulary words

1 point- labeled sentence with conjuction and prepositional phrase

1 point- cited evidence of research


Write a personal narrative on who you are and how you came up with the idea.


1 point- Effective writing

1 point- sensory details

1 point- underlined vocabulary words

1 point- in connecting it to what we are learning in class

1 point- How did this experience change you?

1 point quotes

1 point sequence of events


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