Stanford Prison Experiment- to everyday heroes

SSU 111 — Stanford Saturday University: 2019

Session 3: 1:30 – 2:40 pm
Cultivating Everyday Heroism
Philip Zimbardo, Professor of Psychology, Emeritus, Stanford

Philip Zimbardo is most widely known for his dramatic Stanford Prison Experiment of 1971, but he is recognized as well for the first systematic analysis of shyness, and research into what he termed the psychology of Time Perspective. Recently, he has been focusing on the addictive aspects of video games and online pornography for teen boys. In 2010, he created a nonprofit foundation, the Heroic Imagination Project, dedicated to training youth and adults to become everyday heroes. His work is based on the concept that everybody can develop a capacity for heroism, translating the private virtue of compassion into heroic civic acts of goodness.