Tech Team checklist 2021

Team name- Upcycle Innovators

  1. Same color Team shirts can be designed
  2. Safety goggles or sunglasses, mask
  3. Engineering journal uploaded
  4. Video uploaded
  5. Materials in place and labeled
  6. Zoom camera ready

Video script
Intro – Team 98 name- Upcycle innovators from Azevada Elementary in Fremont

Outline for video-
3-minute video
1.Hi I’m  ____ the proofreader of the team.
2. Hi my name is ____ and I’m safety officer for our team. 3. I am the quality and compliance officer.
Add peace officer- the team member who collaborated if there was arguing

4.Highlights for Each meeting.
A.Brainstorming and discussions.
B.Explain prototypes
D. Back to work
E. Testing
Failures/ re design
G.  decisions
Each team member talks to the camera individually.
H. Show diagrams.

Each team member can explain what they learned, What they plan to do differently in the future.