Week 8

Optional Zoom Schedule


Dear Parents and Scholars,

I hope you are well and in good spirits.

Answers to the fraction math pages are in Google Classroom. Pages 369 to 385. 

We are focusing on a Geometry Unit and Weather Unit starting next week. a

Aquasmart recorded to replace MPR Assembly

Optional Find your writing/art on the school website or write one for May. If your writing and art is not in it, revise it for the June edition. 

Optional Find ways to inspire others. Example- Write a letter to someone you know in the medical field, take a picture, and with parent permission, send it to them.  Decorate your front window or door with encouraging words and/or art. Write a paragraph on how you inspire others and put it in Google Classroom and the student school newsletter for May.

Idea-Become a chess champion.

New story from Ms. I

Jessica letter 7


Check out winners of CA invention convention. Some of them are similar to the ones we were working on in class. 

Since there are some students who are just now reading the emails, the following is repetition for others. 

As soon as you are ready……..

Turn in Unit 7 practice tests/Math tests on Think Central/ Benchmark reading test on Communities, post your invention on Google Classroom

Do a reasonable amount of work in-

Khan Academy/ Zearn or math workbook fractions

Vocab Wordly Wise audio/epic books- close your eyes and listen

Lexia, Benchmark annotating

Read hard books

Write for the student school newsletter.


Check our Google Classroom

Ask questions during Zoom or text me.

Reminder-Assignments are for strengthening skills. We can still take an optional end of the year math test that is similar in Think Central.

The only assignments that are expected are Lexia, math fraction tests, Benchmark reading test on Communities, Science, reading hard books, P.E., and imagination.

You are welcome to pick up your child’s belongings and learning material on Wednesdays from 10 to 11 after Spring Break. Let me know. 

Typing is the expected skill for writing. Please consider sending me your best typed writing for the All Stars School Newsletter which will be published on our school website.

Students can choose from their writing of a summary paragraph of what they read, learned, or did EACH day. Since there are 40 days of school, there will be 40 paragraphs in one Google doc. They can email me the Google doc. I will explain during Zoom.

Try No Red Ink for writing. Class code is common key 40.

Class name is- 3rd grade AzevadA 2020


Informational Reading

It would be best if they read informational books for the rest of the year. The remaining 3 reading tests are on information. 

They may read any part of their Benchmark reader they wish.

Mr. Waller’s Google Classroom   

Science Work needs to be uploaded into Science Google Classroom. https://azevada-fusd-ca.schoolloop.com/pf4/cms2/view_page?d=x&group_id=1571469301038&vdid=i18qf25foetr2ww 

Password is lyg3pgs

P.E. Google Classroom to show evidence of exercise.


Class code lp4s3lg

Remember to exercise!

Walk and Learn! https://www.thewalkingclassroom.org/our-program/sample-educational-podcasts-learning-at-home/

Optional-We are starting up the All Stars Student Newsletter to be published onto the Azevada website. Please send me your best typed writing, tips, jokes, interviews, etc, through Google Classroom. Here is the last edition-


Writing ideas


If you do not have the material, the same/ similar material can be  accessed in Benchmark, Khan Academy, Zearn, Think Central, Lexia, Google Classroom, Science Google Classroom, P.E. Google Classroom, Wordly Wise vocab audio, Epic Audio,  Typing.Com, cursive videos, musictheory.net, etc.

Optional- math art

Draw with Time for Kids.


Brainpop -https://www.brainpop.com/math/

I am hoping everyone is enjoying their practice of music, art, reading hard books, writing, or working on inventions/projects. www.musictheory.net

Our Google Classroom is a great place to show progress.

Equal fraction video 

Optional-Math Playground has 3rd grade math games.

Optional-Make a time capsule book that can be used as a primary source for historians.

Thanks to Neo and his mom for finding this-


Optional Virtual Field trips https://www.ports-ca.us/?fbclid=IwAR1z1_v_HIE1m9LTxXTwtg3sbMqz5cZ32AaPyHXcZ-bbAHGT7N7xyFo-Mzg

Reading Tests in Benchmark

Students can study their reader in Benchmark before taking the test.

Benchmark Unit 7 test- Finish around April 30.


Log in with Clever

Note- This link seems to only work on computers, not smartphones.

Start Reading Unit 7 Communities Then and Now in Benchmark.

Math Work  All deadlines are flexible. ThinkCentral Math. It will get you ready for the SBAC. 

Unit 7 Test- finish around April 30.

Password- math3

Topic- fractions

Paper Practice Test to study for the computer test 


Remember you don’t have to do everything on this schedule.

If possible (to stay on track)

Lexia, reading, exercise, science, studying for the SBAC, and writing in your journal.

Stay away from strangers on the internet. Follow Safety Guidelines

Optional read- Use www.rewordify.com for comprehension

Benchmark Unit 7 Activities

Essential Question- What is a community?

Annotate in your reader, or read it in Benchmark and annotate in your journal.

8:00 am Good Morning!

8:30- Watch Ms.I read you a different story. 

Write a summary paragraph to put on Google Classroom and consider entering it into the student school newsletter.

Highly recommended:  coding, music, cooking, and being creative. 

8:45 Write a paragraph in your journal.

See link to give you more writing  ideas


Or Read Newsela class code https://newsela.com/ AHTSTG

Use https://rewordify.com/ to help comprehension.

Write a summary paragraph and revise.

Type your writing and paste it into Google Classroom


Download Google Classroom App to get in.

Log in with your username plus @ fusdk12.net

Class code – hnulc2b

9:00 Silent Reading in book or Read Aloud about 3 hard words per page- Annotate.

Word study Audio- choose the next word list


Just listen. Don’t look at the screen.

Or- Review our old vocab words. 

9:30 Recess and bathroom break

9:45 Review in Math Workbook

Volume 2 Unit 7 or Khan Academy and Zearn

Take a look at the SBAC equivalent test in Think Central. Start it when you are ready. 

Save questions for one- on- one or small group

10:15 Science -See Science Google Classroom.


Password is lyg3pgs

11:00- 11:45 

 Practice writing, typing, and cursive.  Communicate with others in the class with parent permission.

11:45 https://dragonbox.com/

To replace Kahoot games

Continue Math on Khan Academy Log in | Khan Academy

Class code R6HZGH45. Please create a new account if you can’t get in. Then connect it to me later.

or Zearn

12:35 Lunch- Dance

12:35 Be Creative/ Art or Music

Show your new skill or talent in our Google Classroom.

1:35 Reflect and Write or Lexia

Read about the new Invention to save Covid Patients/ come up with your own invention.

Research how to make a mask

2:25 Study for Friday Math Quiz in Khan Academy- Shapes, word problems, fractions

Record yourself reading vocab words. Play the recording and spell those words on paper. Correct your answers.

Homework- Study for SBAC- ask your parents if you can Zoom each other to study.

Exercise for an hour with Walk and Learn, 

Read your book.

Make dinner with recipes using fractions and/or multiplication

Write down the math in the recipe to show us tomorrow. Remember to double the amounts for leftovers

Free time- cuddle with your parents. Parents- read books to your kids that are too hard for them to read on their own.

 Optional Free audio books stories.audible.com,

Tips- if your child is watching a TV, mute sound so they have to read.

Travel the world through https://www.google.com/streetview/

Have a great night! 


End of April

Benchmark test on Communities

End of May 

Benchmark test on Weather

Unit 6 Quiz/Practice Test finish

End of May, Unit 6 Post-test

Topic- Geometry

SBAC practice test

End of May

SBAC Post test

End of May

Topic- Overview of the entire year


Unit 5 Quiz/Practice Test finish

End of June Unit 5 Post-test

Topic- word problems

Reading Tests in Benchmark

End of April Unit 7 Test informational reading on communities.

Essential Question- What are Communities?

May- focus on writing

End of May Unit test 8 Test science reading on weather/climate

Essential Question- How can we predict the unknown?

End of June Unit 9 test on managing time and money

Essential Question- What do our economic choices tell us about ourselves?

End of June Unit 10 Forces for Summer

Parents need to enforce safety protocol to protect students

from inappropriate material online.

Zoom call on M W F only cut down screen time.

Kids can show their music practice, art work, etc., during Zoom.

Math quiz/Practice test every Friday.

Take Math Post-test when you feel ready.

Reading test at the end of every month.

Post your cooking lesson (with math measures) video to Google Classroom

All deadlines are flexible.

Try healthy meals on a budget. Divide amounts, weight, measures, and add up the prices. 



Social/Emotional Resources

Stay healthy and exercise! 

Sincerely, Ms. Gillet

Science Zoom with Ms. Johnson( Science Teacher)

Wed 11:30 – noon

Link for Google Meeting 

If you can’t get in, message me and we will do a zoom meeting at 12.

Regular Optional Zoom Schedule

Monday Ms. Gillet 11:30

Tuesday Science teachers 11:30

Wed Ms. Gillet – 11:30 or meet me at school to pick up books. 

Thursday Science teachers 11:30

Friday Ms. Gillet 11:30 with Ms. I our librarian

Mira Gillet
Inventing Inventors
650 646 8833