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April 2016

lorenze murtaza

tech challenge story 2

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Glider Project: 1/30/2016

L 3, J 19, L 22, J8, M6

Here is today’s journal. We met at J19’s house.

  1. Started with 4 gliders
  2. Noticed glider #4 cleared mountains more frequently than others but kept climbing instead of going distance.
  3. Put extra coin (total of 3 coins) on glider #4 and it started going further instead of just up
  4. Glider #1’s launch mechanism broke and was not used the rest of the day
  5. We divided up into two teams and one team worked on glider #2 and the other team worked on glider #4
  6. We decided not to work on glider #3 further because we focused on the ones that were better first to see how we could adjust glider #3. So from here on, we only worked on gliders #2 and #4
  7. We realized we needed more power in the launcher, so we changed one of the blue rubberbands on the launcher for one of the stronger green ones. So then we had one blue and one green on the launcher.
  8. The launch was stronger, but then we needed to get the gliders lifting faster to avoid crashing into the mountains
  9. Glider #2 team added an extra flap on the tail. This changed the direction of flight and they went around the mountains and got good distance.
  10. Then they adjusted the flaps and eventually got over the mountains but usually clipped the mountains and started spinning around and crashing
  11. On glider #4, we added an extra nickel to the front end after the stronger rubberband was added to the launcher.
  12. Then glider #4 was going better but it didn’t clear the mountains as often. When it did clear the mountains, it got very close to the target length but we weren’t able to steer it to the actual landing space.
  13. We then took the extra coin off to stop making it crash into the mountains so much, because that was breaking it.
  14. The green rubber band snapped, so we had to put in a new one. We think it might have snapped because it was shorter than the blue rubberbands
  15. The gliders were often getting caught at the end of the launcher in the rubberbands, making them fall flat with no flight
  16. We also had to keep gluing the legos down on the launcher mechanism because they kept flying off after the glider had taken flight