Facetime with the State Capitol in Sacramento

From Tyson

To the Students…

Thank you so much for showing me your amazing posters. I didn’t have much time to see them when I was on camera with you, but I did finally get to see them and I attached a picture to this email to prove it.  I appreciate the hard work that went into making them. I see two major themes to always remember, and that is freedom and fairness. That is what our state and our country is all about. Things aren’t perfect, but we can do the best we can and strive for perfection. If you ever see or hear about a situation where things are not fair, let your lawmakers know at the Capitol about it and hopefully they can do the best they can to help fix the problem.

An example from literally today… Governor Newsom signed a bill (so it was already passed by the Assembly and Senate with a majority vote, remember!) into law that people paying rent for their apartment/home cannot have the price go up more than 5% in a year. Without this law, renters could be in an apartment and pay $1,500 a month this year, but next year the landlord could say that the rent is now $2,500 per month. Renters would then have to decide if they are going to pay the super high new amount and stay where they are, or decide that they can’t afford the suddenly high price, move to a place that still is renting for roughly $1,500 which sometimes means moving to an area possibly less safe. With the new law signed today those extreme jumps in rental prices will be less severe and hopefully people can stay in their same homes for a much longer time. (Hopefully I am explaining this correctly)


Whatever the situation remember YOU ARE THE BOSSES of California and let the lawmakers know what you think!

Your buddy,

Tyson Dekker

State Capitol PORTS