Open House 2017

Scavenger Hunt

  1. Meet our winning authors chosen to be published among the nation’s best and read their poems. Pre-orders for the book are closed.

  2. See our message we sent to the rover Curiosity on Mars.

  3. See my rocket science calculations for NASA for Pi Day in my STEAM engineering journal.

  4. See our website/slideshows we designed to present our invention along with our argumentative essay.

  5. Our Kindness Wall.

  6. See what is hanging at the Alameda County Fair this summer in the art contest.

  7. See CS project (coding)-computer science (programming)

  8. Find my schematic on wall area.

  9. See my prototype and business card

  10. Our quantitative data on our engineering fields- poster we made.

  11. Read the school newsletter with a piece from our reporters.

  12. Read my writing journal of constructed responses.

  13. Pillow I designed and stitched by hand.

  14. See my art portfolio (Art Book).

  15. Conversations with a Stanford scientist.

Conversations with our Stanford Scientist (Egle) who asked:

If you could discover or invent anything, what would it be?

Student 1:new VR for Xbox
2 cure for cancer
3 Flying car
4 stop wildfires in a  better way
7 raft to save people from drowning
8 Food summoner- food replicator to end hunger with student 17
9 unlimited energy supply that will support all inventions listed here
And a machine that will heal you from injuries and diseases
11 medicine that gives you immortality
12 flying shoes
13 a way to stop oil spills
14 Spaceship that will travel the farthest
15 a way to stop pollution
16 design a new trash box
17 with student
18 a machine to stop pollution
24 teleportation devices
26 cure for autism
28 smaller rovs
29 cube a copter- a helicopter that folds into a cube so you can carry it
30 grow a cactus-
Mrs. Gillet and student 29- a cube a cop- a police officer that folds into a cube and saves you when you need it.