Stanford Hospital Professors and helicopter 2017

Stanford hospital helicopter on duty and ready for pick up on call.

flight nurse

Optimizing Wellness: Nutrition and Lifestyle Advice

Christopher Gardner, PhD


LKSC – Room 101/102
Vision Science: The Latest Research and Treatments

Scientist of the Year 2010

Jeffrey Goldberg, MD, PhD;
Alfredo Dubra, MSc, PhD
Clark Auditorium
A Well-Designed Life: Using Brain Science and Design Thinking to Live Your Personal Best

Kyra Bobinet, MD, MPH


Your Microbiome: What is it, and How Can It Help or Hurt You? Justin Sonnenburg, PhD LKSC – Room 101/102



How Heart Doctors Stay Heart Healthy

Stanford PAWS-

Pet Assisted Wellness at Stanford (PAWS)

Joshua Knowles, MD, PhD Clark Auditorium