Tech Challenge 2017 Azevada- Cross Ice Ravine

Tech Challenge at the Tech Museum in San Jose

Core Team

Registration deadline:
Friday, March 31

Competition- Saturday, April 29 • at Tech Museum  • Afternoon: Grade 6


Material ideas: plywood, foam core card, styrofoam, popsicle sticks, cardboard
mega wheels,  board controller (does not have to go across), lego mindstorms.
Styrofoam cutter, Mickey mouse train

Hopkins Jr. High came in 3rd place


Class projects:

Argumentative Essay  700 words with bibliography citing 3 sources.

Slideshow is due end of March

Invention Report and Slideshow presentation to investors.


Slide 1- The problem I am solving is _.

I know this is the right problem to solve because _.


2. The inquiry I created is _______.

I gained empathy by _.


3. The 5 ideas I came up with to solve this problem are _.

It works by __________.

The research I discovered is ____.


4. The final idea I decided on is_.

Diagram of prototype and schematic with math-

circumference, area, perimeter, volume, scale, percent, quantitative data.


5. I made ____ number of changes to the design because….

I was given 2 stars and a wish by ______ and chose to_.


6. When I tested my design,_____.

The best advice I received from my expert is_.


7. My expert is _.

I am going to work on_.


8. My engineering journal (STEAM folder) has ______.


9. My favorite fail to show real experimenting is _________.

The hardest part was


10. CEO, CFO, COO, Marketing, etc.- Initials only.

Bibliography- 3 citations


Inventor’s Challenge Playlist