DLearning 2020

March 25

Flexible/Optional Daily Timed Schedule

This schedule can be used every day because it changes only slightly.

If you miss the zoom call at 11 on M W or F,

message me and we can do a one-on-one or small group later.

Remember you don’t have to do everything on this schedule.

Stay away from strangers on the internet. Use online safety precautions.

If possible (To stay on track)

Lexia, reading, exercise, science, and studying for the SBAC.

8:00 am Good Morning!

Breakfast- Make breakfast for your parents with a recipe using fractions and math measures. 

8:30- Ms.I is reading you a story.

ThinkCentral Math. It will get you ready for the SBAC. 

Unit 4 Post- test – finish around end of March

Password- math3

Reading Tests in Benchmark

Unit 6 test- Finish around end of March


Log in with Clever

Highly recommended:  writing, coding, music, and being creative. 

8:45 Write a paragraph in your journal  on Ms.I’s story. 

See link to give you more writing  ideas


Or Read Newsela class code https://newsela.com/ AHTSTG

Write a summary paragraph and revise.

Type your writing and paste it into Google Classroom


Download Google Classroom App to get in.

Log in with your username plus @ fusdk12.net

Class code – hnulc2b

9:00 Silent Reading in book or Read Aloud about 3 hard words per page- Annotate.

Word study Audio- http://resources.wordlywise3000.com/word_lists/?book=03&lesson=1

Just listen- Don’t look at the screen. Or Review our old vocab words. 

9:30 Recess and bathroom break

9:45 Review in Math Workbook 

Save questions for one- on- one or small group

One page a day front and back. Write down these problems or print them out. 

Scroll Down

10:15 Science https://azevada-fusd-ca.schoolloop.com/pf4/cms2/view_page?d=x&group_id=1572419074641&vdid=i1o8f2fwkr3kq

See Science Google Classroom.

or History/Social Studies

or Brainpop- BrainPop

11:00- 11:45 Zoom on Mon/ Wed/ Fri to cut down on screen time.

Mira Gillet is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 847 266 8575

Password: 1234

 Share, Practice Writing/Math-  Break up into small groups of 3  for math later. 

11:45 Play Kahoot if you want- I am trying to get it to work so we can play together. 

write down the problem you want to work on together.

Kahoot Link on Geometry


Game Pin 0649204

Continue Math on Khan Academy Log in | Khan Academy

Class code R6HZGH45. Please create a new account if you can’t get in. Then connect it to me later.

or Zearn

Study for SBAC using Think Central

12:35 Lunch- 

12:35 Be Creative/ Art or Music

Optional- Make a 10 sec video, ask if you can show us, choose the recipe with fractions that you are using tonight, interview a family member and connect, write a letter and mail it to someone in another state (with permission) 

1:35 Reflect and Write or Lexia

New Invention to save Covid Patients- 

Snorkeling Ventilator

2:25 Study for Friday Math Quiz in Khan Academy- Shapes, word problems, fractions

Homework- Study for SBAC- ask your parents if you can Zoom each other to study.

Exercise for an hour with Walk and Learn, 

Read your book.

Make dinner with recipes using fractions and/or multiplication

Write down the math in the recipe to show us tomorrow. Remember to double the amounts for leftovers

Free time- cuddle with your parents. Parents read books to your kids that are too hard for them to read on their own, 

 Optional Free audio books stories.audible.com,

Have a great night! 


Quiz/ Test Schedule

ThinkCentral Math. It is similar to the SBAC. 

Unit 4 Quiz/Practice Test finish

End of March, Unit 4 Post- test 

Unit 6 Quiz/Practice Test finish

End of April, Unit 6 Post-test

Unit 7 Quiz/Practice Test finish

End of May Unit 7 Post-test

Unit 5 Quz/Practice Test finish

End of June Unit 5 Post-test

Reading Tests in Benchmark

End of March Unit 6 test

End of April Unit 7 test

End of May Unit 8 test

End of June Unit 10 test

Unit 9 no test

Virtual volunteering to help others

No Grades, only practice

Parents need to enforce safety protocol to protect students

from inappropriate material online.

Zoom call on M W F only cut down screen time.

Kids can show their music practice, art work, etc., during Zoom.

Math quiz/Practice test every Friday.

Take Math Post-test when you feel ready.

Reading test at the end of every month.

Post your cooking lesson (with math measures) video to Google Classroom

Thanks to Agrima for riddles.

Thanks to Vedanshi for inspiring the class.

Because of the situation, progress reports will likely remain the same as their last report card unless your child has not done any work. If your child has shown noticeable improvements that I have missed, please message me with evidence so I can review it. 

Mr. Waller


Mira Gillet
Inventing Inventors
650 646 8833