d.school contest

Yesterday 7/30/2019, I spoke with the designers at Stanford d.school about a contest directed at
low income students. The idea was like Design For Chane but students do it after school or in class (with teacher help). The contest is only for title 1 schools or low income students partnering with title 1 schools.

Note- This contest is to bypass teachers, because in general, teachers at title 1 schools do not have the time or money to learn or get design thinking into the classrooms.

Winners can win a week trip at Stanford Design School 3 day private mentorship and tour Sf- 1 day/ Silicon Valley 1 day. I live near the Sf airport and Stanford and can arrange this. Winners can also earn the title d.school ambassador. We would work on getting their project to progress.

Extra points for students who can get it done in class with teacher help. The purpose of this is so the teachers will learn about the contest
and what design thinking is about. Note for teachers to give credit for this project.
Upload video or pics on June 15, 2020

Winner chosen July 15, 2020
SF airport pick up Aug 15, 2020- If I get the position at the d.school, I told them my salary would pay for airfare, hotel, food, up to $5,000.

certificate of accomplishment for those who participate.

5 categories
best for community
safety for students
best for environment
best for mental/physical health

levels- grades
9 to 12
6 to 8
13-14 community college

volunteers needed to vote for fav video
teachers write in for special needs students resources – use computer at library for video upload video should be less than 1 hour to make
teachers can participate as well.

Since this is the USA, permission documentation, waivers, ect, are needed.