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4th grade Newsletter March 2018

June 2018 Awesome All Star News


Interviewing The Tech Team (TTT) – One of the school’s achievements!

Picture 14 By Saumil, Rm 29

The Tech Team members are Om, Shailesh, Kushal, and Saumit. There might be new members next year! Other people including me might be on the 2019 Tech Challenge! 

Requirements: The team should not use a motor to move.

Rules: The prototype has to maintain an 11-12 ft drop from a crane. Then the prototype has to go up a 12 ft ramp and stop at a certain point to be able to pass. Also, it needs to carry one penny.

Picture 23

We interviewed Om, Shailesh, Saumit, and Kushal.

How did you feel when your prototype was going to be tested?

Om: I felt very jittery while testing the prototype. I was afraid it wouldn’t work.

Shailesh: I felt like I was like on thin ice and like it wouldn’t make it all the way, and I was actually like suddenly frozen in place, and I thought it will just make a little move.

Saumit: From first to the testing day I never felt nervous because of my team. They were friendly, and they were encouraging me every day making me feel better.

Kushal: I felt little nervous and excited but I had one question. Will the car make it?

Picture 24

How did you feel after the prototype test trials?                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Om: I felt like I wanted to jump out of my chair. I wanted to flip out. You get the point; I was very excited.

Shailesh: I felt like I was on fire and I was like on top of the world, and it was like it was my final countdown of life happiness!

Saumit: I felt very excited, and I wanted to thank my teacher Mrs. Gillet for telling us about this contest.

Kushal: I was so happy that I want jump like a rabbit. (Nice simile!)

How did you feel when you got your medals?

Om: I felt so excited to earn a medal of my own. It was very exciting representing the school.

Shailesh: I felt like Om. It was incredible just getting my own medal.

Saumit: It felt like an achievement for our teamwork and for our school.

Kushal: Very happy that I want to shout out.

Interview with Principal Carol Diamond

By Kaylee and Alex, Rm 29

We asked our Principal Carol Diamond some questions and got her answers.

What’s your favorite color? Well my favorite color would be….blue.

What’s your favorite grade in our school? Well, you guys are interviewing me…. so I would have to say 4th grade. (chuckles) Well, upper grades.

What was your favorite age?  My favorite age was 9-10.

Favorite childhood memory?  My favorite childhood memory is when I went camping in the snow.

If you could change your name what will it be? 

I would change it to Kelly, because that’s what my parents were going to name me.

What was your favorite childhood field trip?

My favorite field trip was going to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

Kaylee: Yeah, they shut down the ferris wheel. It’s so sad, it was my first ferris wheel, and it had been up for 60 something years.

Mrs. Diamond: Yeah, I’m so sad. I heard it on the news.

Picture 26

What was your childhood dream job? It was…(chuckles) well….a teacher, because I loved learning.

Who was your childhood best friend?  It was and still is Stacy.

https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/zS-ktLPgBoIucDp2vnbMOdz9C3OwGAgGAGf-UGxWGC0bLqufwBPTT5LleXVXa0zZdK40e77Hg9w65-G538cogfEJryjaVDRpQzuUWLWwSdDrL4hUtJ6ssl8Ltlj9OYgmevFTe42U https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/zS-ktLPgBoIucDp2vnbMOdz9C3OwGAgGAGf-UGxWGC0bLqufwBPTT5LleXVXa0zZdK40e77Hg9w65-G538cogfEJryjaVDRpQzuUWLWwSdDrL4hUtJ6ssl8Ltlj9OYgmevFTe42U What made you want to be a teacher/principal? I liked learning and wanted to start teaching others. For being a principal, I wanted to help reach more than about 30 kids, so I got promoted to a principal.

Do you have siblings? I have two older sisters.

Do you have any kids and if so how many? I have 3 kids. They are two boys and one girl.

What’s your favorite animal? A kitty cat (all laughed). I like cats, because I have a cat named Fred and I love him.


Picture 27

Book Review: “El Deafo” by Cece Bell

By Kira L., TP2


Have you ever met someone who is deaf? This comic book, “El Deafo,” explains the wonders of how Cece Bell, the main character, came from a regular child to a special deaf kid. She has to face many challenges, but encounters many laughters, too.


 Cece is diagnosed when she was five. She had to live through it for a long time. When she is at home, she has to wear a small pair of hearing aids, but at school Cece wears a giant hearing aid called the Phoenix Ear. She has a really hard time, but gets use to it.


 Cece meets new friends at school, but it can be tough at times. One friend she made was Laura. Things just didn’t work out with her. At the start, Laura was nice to Cece. She gave her Fritos and was pretty funny. Then, things started getting out of hand. Laura started doing these twin clothes and trillions of sleepovers. At one sleepover, Laura allowed her dog to bite Cece’s leg. Now Laura was kind of mean! She even judged Cece’s drawings! Cece thought Laura was bossy.

Picture 28     Cece is put into a sign language class at a church. She doesn’t want to learn to sign. Her mom made her join. Cece’s teacher and classmates all try to encourage her to sign, but she just doesn’t want to. “Good grief.” Cece thought. “How will I ever get out of this?”


What Cece wants is a true friend, someone who will listen, play, and not be bossy. Being a true friend means being caring, helpful, and someone who actually cares for you. Someone like Laura wouldn’t make an actual friend.


Do you think Cece will be able to reach her goal and meet the true friend she’s always wanted, or will she still be down, down, down, where no one is there for her?



Albert Einstein

Picture 2049

By Arman, Rm 29

Albert Einstein said, “Use imagination to shine.”

Was a lover of math, science, and puzzles.

With every experiment, he struggled.

He said everybody is a genius

One has to overcome from their weakness.

Found happiness with experiments

For which he got recognized as IQ scientist.

His most famous equation was E=mc square

Which anybody else could not dare

Was a “Nobel Prize” winner for Physics.

Made it possible with diligence.

Code IS Poetry. Here’s why.