Stanford Spring 2017

Global Solar Power at Stanford Law

The New Solar System, a major new report from Stanford’s Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance, calls for a smarter approach to scaling up solar power for the world — an approach that would involve a more sophisticated view of U.S. and Chinese comparative advantage.

Jeffrey Ball
Scholar-in-Residence Lecturer in Law

Dan Reicher Executive Director Steyer-Taylor Center  for Energy Policy and Finance


Cool Product Expo 2017 at GSG- Graduate School of Business

What is CPX?

The world’s coolest products, all right down here at the Farm. The Cool Product Expo is an annual exposition of the most innovative products from Silicon Valley and beyond. Every year exhibitors come to Stanford University to demonstrate groundbreaking hardware, software, consumer tech, wearables, thinkables, driveables – anything and everything you can imagine.


Historian’s Evidence- meet the author

We tend to think of citizenship as something that is either offered or denied by a state. Modern history teaches otherwise. Reimagining citizenship as a legal spectrum along which individuals can travel




Sun Lu’au 2017: Ka Huaka’i a Pele” (“The Coming of Pele”)


Sat March on Science

March for Science – Silicon Valley

11:00 a.m. March from San Jose City Hall

Route: Down E. Santa Clara St. to 4th St. to E. San Fernando St. and into Cesar Chavez Plaza.

12:00 noon Rally at Plaza de Cesar Chavez at Comic Con’s free outdoor festival, with science-focused educational activities and opportunities for nonpartisan advocacy for evidence-based policy.


  • Mayim Bialik: neuroscience PhD, Big Bang Theory actress, founder
  • Kimberly Bryant: founder of Black Girls Code
  • Jose Cabrera, PhD: chemistry professor, San Jose City College
  • Sarahi Espinoza Salamanca: founder, DREAMers Roadmap
  • Kavita Gupta: Monta Vista High School teacher, ’17 Grosvenor teacher fellow
  • Andrew Jones, PhD: scientist working on climate change models.
  • Jennifer Matlock: School Programs manager, Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • William Moerner, PhD:  Nobel Laureate, Chemistry
  • Phil Plait, PhD: The Bad Astronomer
  • Tim Ritchie, president and CEO: Tech Museum of Innovation
  • Jorge Wong, PhD: director of the Specialty Mental Health Division, Asian Health Services
  • Participants in Comic Con may also make surprise appearances.