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I make program models and ideas spread. At Workshop Education, an award winning after-school program, I helped grow our network from three campuses to nine. I also designed workshops for Vallejo Mill and Azevada elementary schools in Fremont. I led these programs during the school day, as have also shared ideas on peace through my MOOC.

I have empathy for overloaded teachers because I am one and still have managed to get design thinking in during art and STEAM period by streamlining procedures and trusting the kids to take control of their learning. After training teachers in design thinking in our after-school program for three years, I took a full-time teaching position to promote design thinking during school hours. I have been doing this for the since 2015, but want to keep improving.

Attached is my ​Failure resume assigned by Tina Seelig- Faculty Director of d.school https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kx_Jt5wDwNIFfJlFVJtXAfT_OcE8UTyxgIuOCmDS5kc/edi t?usp=sharing

Advancing equity and inclusion is the highest priority to me. That is why I teach in public school in Fremont. Only 10 of my 27 students were able to afford Science Camp fees so STEAM activities are abundant in my classroom. The following is a list of my open house features May 2019- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jqODzNVLvSV8a11UTo9xUPsatWineY8XN_5gC3UWlaA /edit?usp=sharing

As a full time classroom teacher with 28 students, I need to collaborate with a team to spread design thinking to more disenfranchised students so all can take control of their own learning. This brings equity and justice to education and will empower the next generation to solve global problems. I can reach more people through collaboration.

I am excited to share my radical ways to equitably spread instruction. The K12 Lab gave me creative confidence in elementary and secondary educational approaches and I want to pay it forward by advancing the mission of the d.school.

I streamline ways to get design thinking sessions into classrooms. Working with a team at the d.school, we can reach many who are overloaded and on tight budgets, but I need a collaborative team with the same vision. I am excited to test new ways to spread design to inspire others through collaboration of teachers, parents, and students.

The following is an example of our design thinking which spread to a student to the National Invention Convention- http://cainventionconvention.org/results-of-the-2019-invention-convention/
I started with a deep dive in 2015 to research how to get design thinking into the classrooms. That year, I was able to use “enrichment time” every Friday afternoon. This led to all of my

students creating inventions and spread to a student in a neighboring classroom. An idea advanced to the National Invention Convention with a student’s invention of a solar powered plastic-ingesting fake whale. This fake whale would roam the oceans and return to shore to empty out its collecting plastic waste.

Usually these ideas either don’t reach many educators or fail to offer practical applications and strategies. I have been able to bypass the blocks in creative ways. I have experimented with new models and can share learning by doing with K-12 stakeholders who are bound up by curriculum and have to demonstrate student progress with grades and test scores. I make ideas happen because I favor action over words. I was able to overcome obstacles with DIY (doing it myself) and with empowerment from the d.school, specifically Molly Wilson (fellow) and Melissa P .(fellow).

I support a diverse community of learners, teachers, and doers through 20 years of teaching experience.

I have also used the buddy system, i.e, 5th graders walking 3rd graders through the design thinking process to build their ideas. Once teachers experience how it changes their students’ mindset and the kids ask for inventing time, they will understand the importance.

Thank you for considering me, Mira Gillet

Stanford STEAM

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Failure resume assigned by Tina Seelig- Faculty Director of d.school

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kx_Jt5wDwNIFfJlFVJtXAfT_OcE8UTyxgIuOCmDS5kc/edi t?usp=sharing

Facilitating for Chinese Visiting Scholars Design Thinking Workshops through Inview Travel

Design work sample

students prototypes beehive list

Award winning Workshop after- school program design- We spread from 3 schools into 9 schools in the Bay Area in 5 years.
https://www.workshopeducation.org/ https://www.designthinkinginschools.com/directory/north-star-academy/

News- New York Times quote


Spreading Design Thinking in the news- San Mateo Daily Journal- paragraph 5



Peace Game Online is in redesign.

Advisor for 1st Tech Challenge Team from Vallejo Mill/Azevada
Through teaming up with parents who help students whose parents cannot help.

Publication on Grit- Disrupt Series​PDF https://mrsgillet.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Mira-Pages-from-Disrupt-2nd-Edition2.pdf


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https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jYgMW5UmPKUb7DWOZR4JKhZvxlIwJb9CRQFCQrasCj o/edit

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